Assembler Online v.8.21.0 Release Notes

This release expands the scope of undo/redo to cells and image resizing. It also adds keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+Z (Windows) and Command+Z (MacOS).
Important Brand Alert improvements and fixes:

1. Desktop view column ratios don’t match Mobile view
Fixed a bug in the helper functions where columns weren’t getting a CSS class applied to render them with the correct ratio within the table.
2. Desktop view image tool use redundant CSS classes even if images aren’t in the project
We have significantly improved how Brand Alerts generates the CSS for Desktop view image widths. Previously, we used a redundant loop that wrote out CSS for 1 – 100% image width, regardless of the actual images used in the project. However, after this update, the Desktop widths are now created based on the project images and the percentage they should be. This improvement goes hand in hand with the previous point.
3. In some scenarios, the line-height in CTA’s could dropped from the HTML causing CTA text to look too tight
Fixed a bug in the “Parts” Helper function where the line-height could get dropped from the HTML output. Button parts now always have a pixel value mapped to line-height.
4. Hiding empty cells
This isn’t a new improvement but new for the Alerts and Cards channels.

General fixes and improvements:

1. Improved and broadens undo/redo capability, which includes:
– Applies to images resized manually.
– Applies to the last 10 actions within a cell in editing.
– Ctrl+Z (Windows) and Command+Z (MacOS) is now active.
2. Removed issue not allowing bottom of PDF rendering entirely or not allowing to upload the footer in desktop version.
3. Removed extra line break between paragraph and other elements in emails.
4. Removed issue causing “UNEXPECTED ERROR” during Upload to PromoMats process (Draft or Ready for Review).
5. Improved HTML minified version generated by Assembler