Which colour palate is Safe for both light and dark versions on email clients?

When building a Veeva email material on Assembler that is very long, the user can sometimes experience issues when trying to send it through Veeva CRM. Veeva CRM has a limitation on characters, so if reached, your email can appear cut off in the CRM, resulting in problems when delivering it.

Since editing the character limitation of the Veeva CRM is out of the scope of the Assembler developers team, they have come to an user interface solution that warns the user about this constraint, and also with the minified HTML files that appear now when you export the HTML files on Assembler.

When building the email material and previewing it, user will see a notice message on the top left with the estimated character count:

The minified HTML files are the same files as the original HTML but with no break on lines and no spaces, resulting in a piece of code that is not legible but has within it less characters. If your HTML email material is quite long, you can leverage on those files to reduce the amount of characters on it.

You will see all your screens with a minified version. You can tell this because there is the “_minified” in the last part of the name of the file.
If you open the minified version, you will see that all of the code is presented in one single line, with no spaces and no line breaks:

If you are not experiencing any issue related to the length of the email, you can use the minified or the unminified version.