Assembler Online v.8.25.0 Release Notes

New Abbreviation functionality implemented in this release:
The new functionality allows users to create and define abbreviations within text content. Users can also set up an abbreviation area in the document where all the definitions will be displayed, similar to how the existing Reference Citation feature works.  Here are some details on how this new feature has been implemented:

Abbreviation Icon

There is a new icon in the cell’s contextual menu. The icon will activate when the user selects the abbreviation to define in the text.

Create an Abbreviation

A new Abbreviation panel will open on the right side of the artwork area

Define an Abbreviation Once a word or set of letters is chosen as an abbreviation, you can enter its definition.

Just like reference citations, you can use the Abbreviations element to find the location of abbreviations along with their definitions.

Here is an example showing what an abbreviation looks like within a document.

Fixes implemented in this release:
o Cases of Fail uploading as “Ready for Review”
o Button Radius will not change in modules that exist o Retain mobile image after translation and copy processes
o Retain rounded corners after translation and copy processes.
Performance improvements in this release:
• Changing screens will be 70% faster
• Adding heavy RL to a big screen will be 20% faster
• Opening the project will be 25% faster