Assembler Online v.8.23.0 Release Notes

This update makes Assembler 2.5 times faster in large projects for activities like opening a project and uploading in PromoMats.
General fixes and improvements:
We improved the speed of some Assembler actions, particularly for large projects, resulting in a 2.5x increase in activities like opening and uploading documents.

Additionally, depending on the browser, we have extended the Assembler session from 30 minutes to the maximum available time. This change will benefit automation bots and allow users to have longer sessions.

We have updated the fonts in Assembler to comply with only licensed fonts. Specifically, we have replaced Arial-Unicode-Bold-Italic.ttf and Arial-Unicode-Italic.ttf on S3 with Arial-Bold-Italic.ttf. However, this update may affect the export of non-Latin documents (such as Chinese) that use Italic Arial.

This release contains network performance improvements. We highly recommend cleaning your browser cache before starting to use Assembler.