How can SSI and its updates be managed accross projects?

The most efficient way to manage SSI and its updates, is to create a Reusable Layout of your SSI.

How to so?

Keep reading to know more about how to create Reusable Layouts!

As their name suggest, Reusable Layouts are an easy way to use and re-use predetermined structures or content blocks across projects while maintaining their layout and styling. These elements can be dragged and dropped into Promotional Materials, Starter Templates, Story Cards and also into Text Collection Components. 

A Reusable Layout will keep the text styles and structure and will adapt to the channel size and formatting with the added advantage that, once a change is made to it, it can be reflected in all the screens and projects it has been used.

Permissions and a document’s status will affect who can make these changes.

You can create your own Reusable Layouts or save different versions from the original with variations. You will have the possibility to use Reusable Layouts in different screens as well as in different projects given that they are independent components, created and uploaded to PromoMats and linked to your material, under the “Components” section. This way of storing them enables you, to later add them to your favorite list or shopping cart.

How does it look like?

The reusable layout is a .json file that includes all the content and the styles saved on it. Once uploaded to PromoMats, it will be stored as a Component and its rendition will be shown.

Where can users find or import the Reusable Layouts?

Users can add their own reusable layouts to their favourites or shopping cart, to use in all their projects. In Assembler you will find the Reusable Layout section in your Asset panel to easily drag and drop.

Can users create their own Reusable layouts & grouped reusable layouts?

To create a Reusable Layout, follow these steps:

  1. Create your design into your email screen
  2. Mouse over the right edge of the layout and click on the download arrow

3. Define the name of the Reusable Layout

4. Save and start using wherever is needed

For Grouped Reusable Layouts, follow these steps.

  1. Create a new screen
  2. Place the previously created Reusable Layouts in a empty section
  3. Mouse over the section’s title and press on the download arrow

4. Define a name for the Grouped Reusable Layout

5. Save it. Once the Reusable Layout is created you will see a green border and a title on top, and it will be added as new in the Reusable Layout Section in the Asset Panel.

7. When applying changes to a Reusable Layout a Pop Un window will show to offer you options: